Monday, November 30, 2015

That Looks Painful, Let Me Try

What is it about kids and logic?  At what point does the human brain develop it and how, as a species, are we able to survive infancy with out it?!  We've been helping some friends pack up their house to move recently and last night we were finishing up some odds and ends.  There was a flood light set up to help us all see and at one point another little girl (maybe 18 months), part of another family helping out, grabbed the light and burned her little fingers.  As she's screaming and the two of us dads are trying to sort out where the burns are, but before we could think to turn the light off, that's when my Rosaline decides to see what all the fuss is about and walks up to the same light, pointer finger outstretched, and touches it.  Sure enough, she was burned too.  She watched this whole thing unfold, why would she touch the object that has just hurt the younger kid?!!  What's more, as I'm now rushing to turn off the light, a group of the older 6 years now starts migrating towards the light in curiosity.  WTF?!!!  Back up!  Fire, hot!  Knife, sharp!  Dog poop, stinky!  Somethings we don't need to test for ourselves.

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