Monday, November 16, 2015

Daddy Needs To Figure Out The Parental Locks

Yesterday was our "once a year birthday party" for all three big girls.  We're going to need to rethink this now that we have a summer baby as well and can't claim a mid November party to cover everyone in October and December.  Anyway, I got up earlier to get the backyard under control, while Gina attacked the downstairs.  We left the girls upstairs watching cartoons and out of the way.

After finishing the back, I walked by the stairway and I could swear I heard a quote from the movie Inside Out.  That's odd, I thought.  I'm pretty sure that movie just came out on DVD like last week.  I started up the stairs because this was going on much longer then a normal commercial and, by now, my interest was peaking. 

Sure enough, there it was on the upstairs TV, the newly released movie and all four girls sitting quietly, thoroughly enjoying it.

"Um. ..." I started.  "Are you guys watching Inside Out?"

"Yea, it's on TV." Genevieve responded gleefully.

"How?" I asked.  "We didn't rent the DVD."

There was a pause at this point, and the three big girls slowly swiveled there heads toward me with "oh no" reflecting in their wide eyes.

Another moment of silence before Arianna muttered "Lorelei must have pushed a button."

I love it!  Yeah, that must have been what happened.  They've figured out how to rent movies, they understand that it's going to cost money and I'm not going to be happy so they blame it on the four month old who has a hard enough time grabbing a pacificer to pick up the remote, locate the On Demand button and scroll to the new releases to find the movie for her older siblings.  Brilliant!  So guess what we're watching for the next three days - since that's how long we've paid for it.  Oh, and Honey, find that manual!  Daddy needs to figure out the parental controls on this damned U-Verse box!

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