Monday, October 12, 2015

You Want The Tooth?! You Can't Handle The Tooth!

So, warning: if you're not someone who can handle dentistry topics then maybe jump to another posting cause this might not be for you.

My kids love the dentist. ... weirdo's.  But it's true, they really do.  They think it's a magical experience and they are more then eager to visit the lady who get's the sugar bugs out of their mouths.  So last week they had their visit and for two out of three it was a typical good check up, but Genevieve had a little bit of an odd day.

It started when the Dr. thought she saw a cavity forming in one of Genevieve's molars.  It's odd, if only for the fact that she's only had them a short time now - it wouldn't seem possible with even basic brushing for one to have formed so soon.  But it was a deep groove and the Dr. wanted to make sure she treated it before it became any kind of real issue.  So she advised Gina and began the process. ... and then she paused.

You see, as she began to drill gently against the tooth, it started to gave in.  That's right, her tooth began collapsing in on itself.  The more she explored, the more of the tooth crumbled, until there was what I can only describe as Molokini crater in her mouth. .... HA!  I just read that out loud and realized we should call it Molar-kini crater. ... I crack myself up.  But I digress.  What I found most bizarre rather then expose root or nerve, underneath the fallen enamel was healthy, pink gum line.  What the Dr. believes is that her tooth never formed in utero.  In essence a bubble got inside and the tooth formed around it, so once pressure from the drill was applied it basically turned into a sink hole in her mouth.  Crazy right?!  Here's a pic (because what half way decent parent wouldn't shove their iPhone into their kids mouth during what may be an otherwise traumatizing experience):
All's well that ends well, though.  Dr. was able to clear out the void, fill it and seal it so it shouldn't pose an issue moving forward.  And Genevieve is the ultimate champ.  Five years old and she didn't even flinch during all of this.  Her father, on the other hand, soaked through his shirt with sweat sitting in that chair a week earlier for a routine cleaning.  Turns out my kid did not get her nerves of steel from me.
And shout out to Dr. Negar Derakshani - like the best dentist I've ever had!  If you're an avid reader you'll know this not the first unusal Kopp case she's had to deal with.

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