Thursday, November 14, 2013

Uncool To Drool

I didn't get much time with the girls last night, as it was Wednesday (Gina teaches in Orange County all day) and they don't get home until almost 10.  But the brief time I had was. ... magical?  The dogs and I unloaded everyone from the car as they pulled in the garage and herded their prejammied little bodies upstairs to brush teeth.  Everyone was done and off to bed except for Genevieve, who was rehearsing what appeared to be a musical while sitting (sort of, maybe a quarter of one cheek actually touching) on the toilet.  I told her to wrap up the second act and start brushing her teeth.  As soon as the bristles touched her lips she started crying hysterically about her mouth hurting.  Given the matinee performance I just saw I wasn't all that impressed.  But, being the diligent father (the one who's made similar mistakes in the past) I checked anyway.  Sure enough she had a couple little soars on the inside of her mouth, fever blisters or something.  I told her to rinse out and I'd put some Orajel on them to make them not hurt any more.  The only one of our kids who even remotely accepted Orajel was Rosaline; the other two won't let it near their mouths.  So to ease her apprehension I applied some to my lip first - you know, to show her I wouldn't spontaneously combust, or anything like that.  Finally she let me proceed and I swapped some over the inside of either side of her mouth.  We got in to bed and I did my kisses - by now my bottom lip totally numb as I'd clearly applied too much.  I figured that was a good sign as she'd not feel any discomfort.  I walked downstairs and hadn't sat in my chair for more then two minutes when I hear a pitter-patter across the ceiling above me, followed by Genevieve balling at the top of the stairs.  She was completely inaudible.  As it turns out she "couldn't feel her mouth," "she couldn't talk" and she'd "drooled yuckies all over my pillow". ... yeah. ... that would be my bad.

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