Thursday, May 2, 2013

High Heels? Really?!

It's been a while; thought I forgot about you, huh?!  No, just bidding my time, waiting for something epic to write about.  I've kind of felt that my posts and experiences were diminishing in interesting nature (at least to you readers; personally I find every moment breath taking).  There had been no milestones or truly amazing experiences to share with you all.  But, alas, we've stumbled upon such a moment.  High heels.  High heels signify more than just stylish footwear.  They symbolize maturity.  Grown ups wear high heels.  Princesses wear high heels.   But, that's why the girls so desperately want to wear them, trampling around clumsily in their mom's size 10's at every opportunity to do so.  Usually with out cloths on because they find they're way in to her closet almost every night as the bath is being drawn.  I hope this doesn't become habit.  Naked high heels strolls, not baths.  Anyway, I came home the other day to a horrifying vision - the girls.... in their OWN high heels.  Now I know some of you are disgusted with us, 3 1/2 year olds don't need high heels.  Whatever.  This was not my thought.  My thought was simply, "what happened to my babies?!"  Regardless of their need for such shoes, the reality is they are already moving toward that direction. Their already wanting to grow up.  Already wanting to be women and not children.  Already wanting to be done with me.  Well, I'm not ready to be done with.  I'm not.  I'm not, I'm not, I'm NOT!!!!! Maturity sucks.


  1. No pictures with this post!? How could you!

  2. Pic of the week's tomorrow. Gotta save the good stuff!