Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blue Eye's "Buy" Dinner

Skipped on "pic of the week" and I'm sorry about that.  We spent the holiday weekend over on Catalina Island for our second annual "Grandma's Birthday Celebration" and it slipped my mind.  We had a wonderful time though - the girls got to run rampant through the 5 bedroom house with their cousins in a massive, bait ball of children; we rented kayaks, we golfed (both real AND mini), we danced, we karaoked, we toured the island on a supped up golf cart. ... it was wonderful.  But perhaps the most interesting thing that happened in our four days there came on Sunday night at dinner.  My sister and one of my nieces had left for the mainland already, but we still had a full table of 9 for dinner out at a waterfront Italian joint.  So Rosaline gets the seat at the head of the table which places her in close proximity to a middle aged couple at a nearby table perpendicular to ours.  The man comments on Rosaline's "beautiful blue eyes" and her curly head of hair, to which she flirts back with all the confidence of super model.  The moment passes and we go back to our respective meals.  About 15 minutes later, however, the waiter walks up to us at the other end of the table.  He leans in and in a hushed voice says, "Keep this on the down low, but this gentleman at the other table would like to pick up your meal tonight.  He asked me not to say anything but he also wanted to add another round of drinks and I didn't want to bring them out with out you being aware of the situation."  And then he leaves. ... and we're all left to scratch our heads.  What do we do?  He said not to say anything, but a meal for 9 with two rounds of drinks at a waterfront restaurant on an island none the less, isn't chicken scratch.  I can't help myself and I stutter a "thank you" attempting to blend gratitude and "no big deal" into one phrase.  He smiles, and as they begin to collect their things he offers only "Pay it forward."   And with that, they exit.  Bizarre.  Inexplicable.  Amazing.  My girls aren't old enough to appreciate a gesture like that.  But some day they will be.  And I hope that I'm in a position in life that I can be that generous to the strangers around me.  So they can see an example like that, and strive to match it.

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