Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Remember That Dad That Used to Blog?

What happened to THAT guy?  Where did he go?!  Well, the truth is, I'm asked all the time "how do you find the time for work, fatherhood, law school and still manage to blog?"  Clearly that answer is "I don't."  But after a crazy couple of weeks I'm finding a second to breathe and write something truly awe inspiring inspirational entertaining cheap filler. So let me fill you in.  We went camping. ... oh how we went camping.  I was hoping to give my family the same wonderful memories I gathered as a child in the shadow of Yosemite's Half Dome.  Instead we stayed at a camp site run by the folks in Deliverance and the girls came down with Hand Foot and Mouth on Monday of the week long vacation.  So yeah.  That was awesome.  Apparently they contracted it before we even left, it just takes a few days to manifest in the fever, swollen gums and mouth sores that wouldn't allow them to eat anything and had us giving them water out of a medicinal syringe.  We made one fond memory at the campsite breakfast when Genevieve throwing up forced Arianna to throw up which made their four-year-old cousin Conner vomit as well.  He looked up at me and says "Someone just threw up on me."  It's was you buddy. ... it was you.  Good trip.  Gooooooood trip.  Fortunately, before the plague struck we did get to go on a couple of really nice hikes and do a little kayaking on the lake.  After that, though, it was pretty much just misery. ... and bowling.  Later we stopped by our friends house in Turlock for a few days and enjoyed the 104 degree temps and her mothers pool.  Then we came back home and spent a week trying to regain our appetite and our enthusiasm for brushing teeth.  We couldn't do any oral hygiene during the stretch because their mouths would just start bleeding (not to mention the crying and screaming that brought) so they both kind of smelled of weeks old road kill when you kissed them good night.  But we're back to normal.  Eating.  Drinking.  Fighting.  It's like old times.  Then, on Sunday, we had Rosaline's baptism.  It turned out beautifully.  Turns out it was also her new Godmother's "baptism".  She walked in the the service holding our naked little baby with out any towel or sheet and Gina leans in to me and says "you know she's getting pee'd on." 3-2-1. ... the face said it all.  Our newly minted Godmother (Nouna) simple tells the congregations with perfect dead pan "Oh yeah. ... this is happening."  Not exactly Holy Water.  She's going to be a first time mom in October though, so this is just a warm up.  Anyway, throw in there law school finals, a couple of unsuccessful house hunting trips and a month from hell at work and I think I've got myself a pretty good excuse for being MIA.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we chat again.  Oh, and did I mention I wrote a novel and am currently working with an editor in New York on securing an agent?  So yeah, there's that too.

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  1. Well, you certainly have better excuses for not posting than I do! Hope everything calms down for a little bit for you all.