Monday, June 25, 2012

"Where Are the Goldfish's Pants?!"

God I love my children.  They make me laugh all the time; even at 2 am.  Last night (this morning rather) we got up with Rosaline around 1/1:30.  She got her shots on Friday - which I should also note she weighed in slightly heavier and longer then Genevieve at her 6 months so dare I say we have another giant on our hands - and she's reacted with a fever and general crankiness all weekend long; poor kid has been miserable.  Well, prior to bed Arianna had been getting up and wandering the house.  The last time being around 11 and looking or her Cinderella doll.  I had a feeling she would be up again but I didn't hear anything, so when Rosaline got up I went to grab some water and saw Arianna passed out on the couch.  I scooped her up and took her back to bed and as I'm placing her between the sheets Genevieve sits up and yells "where are the goldfish's pants?!" I spin around too look at her and ask "what?!" "Where are the goldfish's pants, Daddy?" "I don't know sweetheart." And with that she threw herself back and passed out again.  It's 1:30 in the morning, I've gotten very limited sleep in the past three days (it was also our anniversary on Sunday so we'd been out to dinner late the night before, plus Rosaline not sleeping = us not sleeping) and I am dying from laughing.  Clearly she gets this sleep talking thing from me, so it only makes it more hilarious to me.  But talking in your dreams is one thing; dreaming about goldfish in pants. ... that's unique.

On another note, or to reiterate, it was our 6 year anniversary yesterday.  November will mark 10 years of "being together" and I would like to shout from the top of the internet mountain that is this blog that I love my wife more and more with every passing day and I couldn't have imagined a better person to share my life, my love and my children with.  The themes for the 6th anniversary are candy and iron, and it fits because there's nothing sweeter then her, and nothing stronger then us.  Ok that was cheesy. ... but I'm allowed to be cheesy on my anniversary.

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