Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too Much Coffee

Running a little too late for breakfast at home today, so I swung in to Starbucks for a coffee and spinach wrap.  Now I go here about once a week during the weekday's and we typically stop by as a family at least once on the weekend.  So, frequently but not crazy.  I'm pretty much the only person in there at 6am so the barrista's have learned my name and drink, but what I didn't realize was how much my kids were making an impression (assumably with out me, because the weekend staff isn't usually the same as the weekday morning staff).  Today the manager was making my drink and out of the blue she says "Are Genevieve and Arianna your daughters?" "Um. ... yeah." "And what's your wife's name?" "Gina."  "Your kids are too funny. ... they crack me up every time they're in there.  They're always so excited about cakepops!"  My first response is how wonderful that my children have such bubbly personalities that I'm recognized as a result.  This thought is quickly overcome by, how much coffee is my poor wife needing to drink just to survive the day?!  I mean it's one thing for the barrista's to learn your name - they write it on the cup; it's a whole new level of frequency when they learn your children's names.  No wonder we've got the gold card.  They're taking our gold, we get the card.  So much for college girls, your parents have an addiction problem.

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