Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Couple of snot nose little kids

Well, the first cold of the season has snuck in to our house. No telling where it came from, but if Mount Rushmore and Niagara Falls had twin babies I think they'd look pretty similar to my girls right now. They aren't seeming to let it affect them to much during the day. They're still running around playing (I think Genevieve may even be enjoying the snot flow as she can't seem to keep her hands out of it). Arianna is a little more irritable than normal, but I think it's because she's feeling drained, and like Daddy, she doesn't operate too well when she's tired. The biggest problem was sleeping last night, especially with Genevieve. Because she couldn't breath out of her nose she kept waking up, and when she put a binkie in to go back to sleep she couldn't breath at all, so this was causing her to fuss up a storm. It would only last a minute, maybe two, before she'd pass out again because she's exhausted, but she must have got up like 6 times last night. I felt like we were back to 8 or 9 months ago. Gina finally got up and rocked her a bit around 5 because she wasn't going back to sleep on that one. By the time I left for work this morning Gina was back in bed and all was silent. ... well, except for the heavy mouth breathing coming from all the plugged up noses.

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  1. We found giving our girls some water and Cheerios helps them when they wake up during the night as they have colds to. Benadryl seems to help them settle down as well.