Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sunday Brunch with an ear infection. ... make it a double

I'm a week late in writing this.  I had all intentions of sharing, but perhaps it took me this long just to get over the brunch that was never meant to be.

After several days of dealing with a baby with bronchitis, we had a particularly rough Saturday night.  Simultaneously we were dealing with a 72 hour shutdown of the major freeway in our area so we were, literally, cut off from civilization. ... sort of; we still had access to a local brunch.  So when we woke up Sunday (who are we kidding, we'd never fallen asleep) sitting outside on a particularly warm February morning and enjoying a bottomless buffet with bottomless champagne sounded truly amazing.  They have outdoor seating and with the rest of the world stuck on the other side of the closure, we would have the place to ourselves and the kids could run around to their hearts content.

Truth is, it started out just as we'd hoped.  Second group in the restaurant, whole patio to ourselves (girls were even allowed to take their own table by the lake) and mamosa's were served before we'd even gotten fresh silverware.  I took the kids and loaded their plates, sat across from my wife and we share a smile. ... a very brief smile.  Moments later Rosaline came up crying that her ear "itched".  Her cry turned to a scream and her "itch" turned to a "pain" and it was pretty obvious that something truly wrong was going on.

Check please.

With that, brunch was over.  The quickest and least satisfying hundred dollars I've ever spent.  With in the hour Gina was in urgent care with Roz and the other girls and I decided to get the oil changed around the corner (because urgent care was much more popular then brunch so there was no parking).  Turns out she had not a single, but a double ear infection.  So the remainder of our day was spent trying to find a pharmacy located in the lock down zone so we could get her medicated and turn off the screams coming from the back of the car.

Not exactly the Sunday we'd envisioned. ... and we were still very hungry come Monday.

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