Tuesday, September 8, 2015


FOMO; it's new phrase for me.  Apparently it's how the trendy kids say someone has the "fear of missing out."  We all have it, I suppose.  That's probably why we fall to peer pressure so much.  But then there are those who fear missing out on things they may not have even been invited to - things they probably should be missing out on.  We've got a food FOMO kid over here.  Big time. 

Arianna has loved food, ever since she got away from the breast milk she's like an eating champ (most of the time).  And of all the girls, she's the most willing to try new things.  She gives the sample ladies at COSTCO a run for their money: sushi? yes, please.  mango salsa? sure, why not. dog food? ..... what brand?  But this willingness to try things has morphed into a near a panic when someone is eating something (anything) and she isn't having any.

On Saturday the girls were at my moms for the day and I went to pick them up that night.  Having not spent much time with my mom in a while we sat in the backyard talking for a bit while the kids watched a movie.  My mom, classy lady that she is, was having a glass of wine in a kids sippy cup because that's all she could find (hey, YOLO after all) when Arianna pops her head out of the back slider and glares at us.

"What are you eating?" She asks accusingly. 

"Nothing," I respond.

Her eyes narrow as she retreats back into the house, a look of distrust painted across her face.

Oh she'll find out what we're eating. ... and then she'll get some of her god damn own!

FOMO.  Big time FOMO.

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