Monday, September 22, 2014

Bored with Creativity

I'm a creative guy, I can't help it and I can't turn it off.  When my wife goes out of town for the weekends it means I'm in charge, and that means we play Michael Buble over the surround sound starting at 8am, we will go swimming at least once a day and chances are strong we'll walk the aisles of Home Depot aimlessly because I feel the need to be there "just in case".  It also means that Mama is not there to cook her amazing an nutritious food. ... so Dad has to mask his culinary inferiority by aiming for high marks on presentation.

This tactic has resulted in "K Burgers"


"Batman Bagels"

and naturally "Minnie Mouse Pancakes, with Strawberry Bows"

But it seems it's wearing a little thin.  Yesterday, when discussing the return of Mama and the coming week, Genevieve turns to me in all seriousness and says "Daddy, do you think tomorrow we could just be normal and have cereal for breakfast." 

Oh no. .. my daughter just said the "N" word. ... normal. .... what am I going to do?!  The only thing of got in my corner is my creativity.  I was hoping it be at least 13 before the shtick wore thin.  But alas, my children are bored with me weeks before their 5th birthday.  It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. 

Grilled cheese with Kraft single slices and the crust cut off the wonder bread. ... hold the fun. 
Order up! 

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