Monday, December 16, 2013

Roz the Great and Powerful

Two years ago I held her for the first time. Two years ago we sat alone, the two of us in an empty nursery, waiting for her first bath and bonding in the silence. The remarkable silence. She clutched my finger and stole my heart. Well, the quiet's gone. But this morning, as she climbed in to our bed and peered over Gina's still frame, her smile spreading across her cherub face as she met my eyes with hers, she once more reclaimed dominance over this softy heart of mine. There's nothing really to say because at some point words cease to carry weight. Nothing could fully capture how much I love these girls, and nothing could fully relate how amazing it is to watch them grow. Happy Birthday my Rosaline. My Zozzie. My Rozzy Kamakazi. My Zoz the Great and Powerful. My Roz-mataze.

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