Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well. ... You Made it to the Bathroom. ... Sort of...

Hi, remember me?!  Well, we're getting an early jump on potty training with Rosaline.  She has become aware of her bodily functions a little earlier then the girls did so we're striking while the iron is hot.  We've had a few big successes, but as always more misses then hits.  The last few days (while it's still warm enough) we've just been going pantsless. ... Rosaline, not the rest of us.  Last night after I got home, everyone was transitioning from dinner to bath time when the pantsless wonder wandered off.  She had been sitting on her baby potty off and on for the past twenty minutes (you know, sit for thirty seconds, run around for ninety, back on for fifteen, run for sixty), so we knew she was close to needing to go. .... but now she could not be found.  Turns out she ran to Mama and Daddy's bathroom like she was supposed to.  However she opted to go into the shower rather then to sit on the toilet.  Close kid, but not quite right. 

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