Monday, July 1, 2013

There's Just No Cure For Stupid

With out fail, every summer, every week, you hear a similar story.  Temps sky rocket and some poor child or dog has been left in a car and, literally, cooks to death.  It's atrocious.  And it's so preventable. ... assuming that most of the population had a brain.  Right now, here in So Cal, we are in the midst of an epic heat wave.  They're saying it's top three in the last 100 years.  Even worse for us is we just moved inland from the beach so, for us, it's exceptionally hot.  Yesterday we were out running errands (went a little crazy at Marshalls) and with the girls spent Gina had one more store she needed to run into.  So the girls and I putzed around the parking lot while she got to it.  After a while she called me - stuck in line - and told me a woman had come in screaming about a dog locked in a car.  She asked me to go scope it out.  I drove around the lot until I came onto the scene.  A brown Ford Flex with paper plates and a Rottweiler sitting in the passenger seat.  Now, the windows were cracked slightly - but in 103 degree heat, what's 2 inches of open air going to accomplish.  That's like taking the top off the boiling pot of water and claiming it's chilling.  Security was already on scene and had called the police, so I was just spectating on this one.  A short time later the man comes out - huffy that so much attention was being drawn to him over this, and begins arguing with security and the screaming woman my wife had met.  Worst part of all of this (maybe not worse then the dog being left, but certainly the icing on the cake): the store he had come out of. ... .PetsMart.  Yup.  The one store in the world that ASKS you to bring your dog inside with  you.  Where's the excuse on this one buddy?!  You leave your kids in the car when you go to Toys R Us, do you?!  No matter how many news reports; no matter how many warnings; no matter how many heat waves we go through and see this same thing play out in tragedy, you just can't cure stupid.

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