Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's What Dad's Are Supposed To Do!

Mom's wear many hats.  Many, MAAANNY hats.  Nurses, chefs, advisers, confidants, security, fan club, ect.  And more and more dad's are starting to add to their hat collection as well.  Truth is, we are just as capable of rocking most of these hats in our own way.  But there's one hat that we can't seem to shake off, no matter how good a dad we are. ... the "bad choice in what we let you watch before bed time" hat.  After Rosaline went to bed the other night, I let the girls stay up and watch a movie.  We rented "A Monster in Paris" which is a Belgian film, dubbed in English and it really is a great flick.  In fact, I'm shocked it wasn't released in the US theatrically.  However, it's about a mad science experiment the causes a flea to grow into a 7 foot, musically gifted and emotionally fragile monster like version of itself - voiced by Sean Lennon (John's son).  Very sweet, but a little scary.  When Arianna went to bed she couldn't shake the image of an alligator at the beginning of the movie that chases one of the characters through a zoo.  It's a funny scene in the film; but in a dark and silent room it seemed to have a bad effect on her as she conjured the images once more in her mind.  I felt pretty bad about it, so I brought her downstairs and curled her up on my lap while I sat on the sofa.  She closed her eyes and pressed into my chest as she finally started nodding off with a sense of security cloaking her.  And then I turned on Shark Week.  I'm told by Gina that may have only compounded the problem. .... but I had that damn hat on!  Sleep tight kiddo.

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