Monday, July 1, 2019

Kid Magnet

I know I'm not the favorite parent, and rightfully so.  I don't even like me best, so I get it.  But why - why dear god - am I the one they're drawn to when the slide into our bed in the middle of the night.  We have a California King bed.  It's big.  It's big because I'm a bigger guy.  I'm a bigger guy but I only get about 3 1/2 inches of sleeping space because whoever has decided to join us for the evening has made it their mission for the night to push me off the designated sleeping area.

Last night Lorelei slept on my face.  Literally on top of my face.  This after she had turned perpendicular to the bed, put her feet on by back and leg pressed me to the very edge of the Cal King perimeter. 

I wake up every 20 to 30 minutes to try and "fix" things, and there's Gina; acres and acres of unused sleeping space.  What.  The.  Hell?!  Am I magnetic?!  I'm this close to joining the dogs on the floor.  They seem to have plenty of space on their beds for me.

(Next weeks blog post from the dogs):
I know I'm not the favorite dog, and rightfully so.  But why - why dear god - am I the one that Kyle's drawn to in the middle of the night. ….

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