Thursday, June 14, 2012

For A Bunch of X Chromosomes, There Sure Are A Lot of "Why's"

I always thought the image of a little kid asking "why" after every response was just embellished for comic effect.  Truth is. ... it's not really that funny.  We're in the "why" stage right now, and holy crap is it getting annoying.  I'm thrilled that they are inquisitive but I don't think that's the basis of the "why" question.  Because you give them an answer and they still ask "why" again. ... it's like a nervous tick they can't control.  And you can't honestly answer the question because the answer doesn't make sense to them yet.  "It's time for bed, now close your eyes and go to sleep."  "Why?"  "Because you need rest for tomorrow."  "Why?"  "Because with out it you won't have energy." "Why?" "Because your body has been depleted by today's activities and the human body requires sleep to recoup said energy?" "Why?" "I don't know."  "Why?"  "Because daddy slept through that class in college." "Why?" "He was tired." "Why?" "Because he went to a rager the night before?" "Why?" "Because he hadn't met your mom yet." "Why?" "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  And there's no response that can end the cycle.  "Because" doesn't work.  "Why not?" doesn't work.  Even silence doesn't work. ... they just get louder and louder and repeat it with fewer breaths between until you come up with some sort of a response.  And then it cycles again.  Why?  I don't know.

We did, however, have a good inquisition last night.  Around 8 we had a tiny little earthquake - 4.1.  Not really a big deal at all here in California, but the house got a nice little shake.  I run in to check on the girls - it's not their first earthquake, there's been about 4 good ones since they were born, but it's the first where they might have the capacity to get spooked - and Arianna sits up and asks "Daddy. ... why you shake my bed?"  "Because I love you honey."  It was all I could think of. ... because I love you.


  1. Hehe... although that stage is very patience killing... that is really cute. So, when she comes in and shakes your bed... you will know why!! :) Because she loves you!

  2. Oh yeah. SI is the the "why"s. I've come up with my tired-of-answering answer:
    "Karmic justice."

    A couple rounds of "Karmic justice" in response to "why," and that usually shuts her up.

    Bonus? It's probably at least half true.